SMI Service


The System Management Integration (SMI) Microservices are add-on services that are used by RackHD workflows and tasks, primarily focused on adding value for the managemenet of Dell servers. These services use a Zuul gateway and Consul Registry service to present a unified API. Documentation for each service is avialiable on Github in repositories that begin with “smi-service” or on the dockerhub page for the service.

How to start

1. Clone the RackHD repo if you don’t already have it, and change into the “rackhd/docker/dell” folder

git clone
cd rackhd/docker/dell
  1. Edit the .env file with your IP addresses.
  • By default the IP addresses are set to to match the default southbound IP for RackHD.
  • Optionally, if you wish to have available the PDF generation feature of the swagger-aggregator, the “HOST_IP” setting in the .env file should be changed to your “Northbound” IP.
  1. Start Consul only in detached mode
sudo docker-compose up -d consul

You can view the consul UI by navigating to http://<your_HOST_IP_address>:8500

  1. Post in microservice key/value properties into consul

You can view the key/value data in consul by clicking on the Key/Value tab.

  1. Start remaining containers (or just the ones you want to start) in detached mode

Note: Not all the microservices need to run. You have the option of starting only the ones needed, or manually editing the docker-compose.yml file. .. code:

sudo docker-compose up -d

It takes about 2 minutes for the services to come up. To start just the containers you want, specify the names of the containers to start at the end of the command seperated by a space.

6. Verify your services are online .. code:

sudo docker-compose ps

You can also look for your services to register in the consul UI

7. Config smiConfig.json for RackHD .. code:


SMI Workflows

Workflow Name Description
Graph.Dell.Wsman.GetInventory Get inventory
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Configure.Idrac Configure IDRAC, including IP, netmask, gateway
Graph.Dell.Wsman.GetSystemComponentsCatalog Get server system configuration
Graph.Dell.Wsman.UpdateSystemComponents Update server system configuration
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Add.Volume Add new RAID virtual disk
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Delete.Volume Delete RAID virtual disk
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Add.Hotspare Add new HotSpare for RAID virtual disk
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Discovery Discovery by scanning the IDRAC IP ranges
Graph.Dell.Wsman.PostDiscovery Tasks run after discovery
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Os.Create Read files from a source ISO and create a new, repackaged ISO that specifies the location of a Kickstart file to use
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Os.Deploy Deploy an ISO image stored on a network share to to a Dell server
Graph.Dell.Wsman.ConfigServices Configure smiConfig.json
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Create.Repo Create firmware repo
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Download.Catalog Download catalog
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Simple.Update.Firmware Use firmware image to update single component’s firmware
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Update.Firmware Use firmware repo to update all components’ firmware
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Import.SCP Import system configuration from a file located on remote share
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Export.SCP Export system configuration to a file on a remote share
Graph.Dell.Wsman.GetBios Get BIOS inventory
Graph.Dell.Wsman.ConfigureBios Configure BIOS settings
Graph.Dell.Wsman.GetTrapConfig Get server trap config
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Configure.Redfish.Alert Configure redfish alert
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Reset.Components Reset components, such as bios, diag, drvpack, idrac, lcdata
Graph.Dell.Wsman.Powerthermal Set Power Cap Policy

Run Workflow Example

Run Discovery Workflow Example

curl -X POST \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{ "name":"Graph.Dell.Wsman.Discovery",
           "options": {
               "defaults": {
                   "ranges": [
                         "startIp": "<startIP>",
                         "endIp": "<endIp>",
                         "credentials": {
                             "userName": "<user>",
                             "password": "<password."
                   "inventory": "true"
         }' \

Run ConfigureBios Workflow Example

curl -X POST \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{ "name":"Graph.Dell.Wsman.ConfigureBios",
           "options": {
               "defaults": {
                   "attributes": [{
                       "name": "NumLock",
                       "value": "On"
                   "rebootJobType": 1
         }' \