In Band Management Settings (IBMs)

API Commands for IBMs

The following are common API commands that can be used when running the on-http process.

Get list of In Band Management settings that have been associated with nodes.

Get list of IBMs settings

GET /api/current/ibms
curl <server>/api/current/ibms

Get list of IBMs schemas showing required properties to create an IBM

GET /api/current/ibms/definitions
curl <server>/api/current/ibms/definitions

Create or update a single IBM service and associate it with a node

PUT /api/current/ibms
curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "nodeId": <node id>, "service": "snmp-ibm-service", "config": { "community": "public", "host": "<host ip>" } }' /api/current/ibms

Example output of PUT

  "id": "591c569c087752c67428e4b3",
  "node": "/api/2.0/nodes/590cbcbf29ba9e40471c9f3c",
  "service": "snmp-ibm-service",
  "config": {
    "host": ""

Get a specific IBM setting

GET /api/current/ibms/<id>
curl <server>/api/current/ibms/<id>

PATCH an IBM setting

PATCH /api/current/ibms/<id>
curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "nodeId": <node id>, "service": "snmp-ibm-service", "config": { "community": "public", "host": "<host ip>" } }' /api/current/ibms/<id>

Delete an IBM setting

DELETE /api/current/ibms/<id>
curl -X DELETE <server>/api/current/ibms/<id>