Catalogs are free form data structures with information about the nodes. Catalogs are created during ‘discovery’ workflows, and present information that can be requested via API and is available to workflows to operate against.

Defining Catalogs

  • id (string): unique identifier for the node
  • createdAt (string): ISO8601 date string of time resource was created
  • updatedAt (string): ISO8601 date string of time resource was last updated
  • data (json): A JSON data structure specific to the catalog tool
  • node (string): the node to which this catalog is associated
  • source (string): type of the data

API Commands for Catalogs

The following are common API commands that can be used when running the on-http process.

List all the (latest) catalog data associated with a node

GET /api/current/nodes/<id>/catalogs
curl <server>/api/current/nodes<id>/catalogs

To retrieve a specific catalog source for a node

GET /api/current/nodes/<id>/catalogs/<source>
curl <server>/api/current/nodes<id>/catalogs/<source>

Sample Output:

    "createdAt": "2015-11-30T21:37:49.696Z",
    "data": {
        "BIOS Information": {
            "Address": "0xE0000",
            "Characteristics": [
                "ISA is supported",
                "PCI is supported",
                "Boot from CD is supported",
                "Selectable boot is supported",
                "8042 keyboard services are supported (int 9h)",
                "CGA/mono video services are supported (int 10h)",
                "ACPI is supported"
            "ROM Size": "128 kB",
            "Release Date": "12/01/2006",
            "Runtime Size": "128 kB",
            "Vendor": "innotek GmbH",
            "Version": "VirtualBox"
        "Base Board Information": {
            "Asset Tag": "Not Specified",
            "Chassis Handle": "0x0003",
            "Contained Object Handles": "0",
            "Features": [
                "Board is a hosting board"
            "Location In Chassis": "Not Specified",
            "Manufacturer": "Oracle Corporation",
            "Product Name": "VirtualBox",
            "Serial Number": "0",
            "Type": "Motherboard",
            "Version": "1.2"
        "Chassis Information": {
            "Asset Tag": "Not Specified",
            "Boot-up State": "Safe",
            "Lock": "Not Present",
            "Manufacturer": "Oracle Corporation",
            "Power Supply State": "Safe",
            "Security Status": "None",
            "Serial Number": "Not Specified",
            "Thermal State": "Safe",
            "Type": "Other",
            "Version": "Not Specified"
        "Inactive": [
        "OEM Strings": {
            "String 1": "vboxVer_5.0.10",
            "String 2": "vboxRev_104061"
        "OEM-specific Type": {
            "Header and Data": [
                "80 08 08 00 E7 7D 21 00"
        "System Information": {
            "Family": "Virtual Machine",
            "Manufacturer": "innotek GmbH",
            "Product Name": "VirtualBox",
            "SKU Number": "Not Specified",
            "Serial Number": "0",
            "UUID": "992DA874-C028-4CDD-BB06-C86D525A7056",
            "Version": "1.2",
            "Wake-up Type": "Power Switch"
    "id": "565cc1ad807f92fc51a7c9bf",
    "node": "565cc18ec3f522fe51620fa2",
    "source": "dmi",
    "updatedAt": "2015-11-30T21:37:49.696Z"