Firmware Update

Firmware update Example using SKU Pack

This example provides instructions on how to flash a BMC image on a Quanta (node) using SKU Pack.

  1. Wait for discovery to complete and get nodes to check if node has been discovered successfully

    Get Nodes

    GET /api/current/nodes
    curl <server>/api/current/nodes
  2. Post the obm settings if they don’t already exist for the node. An example on how to do this is shown in Section here Section

  3. Acquire BMC files and utilities from the vendor. Go to the Quanta directory, a sub-directory of the root folder of on-skupack, extract the BMC image and BMC upgrade executable into the static/bmc of the skupack and update the config.json with the md5sum of the firmware image.

  4. The firmware files and update utilities need to be built into a SKU package

    Build SKU Package

    $ ./build-package.bash <sku_pack_directory> <subname>
    <sku_pack_directory> must be one of the directory names containing the node type on the root directory of on-skupack, e.g., it can be quanta-d51-1u, quanta-t41,dell-r630, etc, and <subname> can be any name a user likes. A {sku_pack_directory_subname}.tar.gz will be created in tarballs folder of the same directory.
    $ ls ./tarballs
  5. The SKU package that was built needs to be registered

    POST the tarball

    curl -X POST --data-binary @tarballs/sku_pack_directory_subname.tar.gz localhost:8080/api/current/skus/pack

    The above command will return a SKU ID. If an error like “Duplicate name found” is returned in place of the SKU ID, check the database and delete the preexisting SKU package.

  1. The pollers associated with the node need to be paused before POST’ing the Workflow to flash a new BMC image. This is needed to avoid seeing any poller errors in the log while BMC is offline. Further information on IPMI poller properties can be found at Pollers

    Get List of Active Pollers Associated With a Node

    GET /api/current/nodes/:id/pollers
    curl <server>/api/current/nodes/<nodeid>/pollers

    Update a Single Poller to pause the poller

    PATCH /api/current/pollers/:id
         "paused": true
    curl -X PATCH \
       -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
       -d '{"paused":true}' \

7. The workflow to flash a new BMC image to a Quanta node needs to be POST’ed If a user would upgrade a node without reboot at the end or run BMC upgrade with a file override, a user need add a payload when posting the workflow. Details please refer to the under Quanta directory.

POST Workflow

POST /api/current/nodes/:id/workflows?name=Graph.Flash.Quanta.Bmc
curl -X POST <server>/api/current/nodes/<nodeid>/workflows?name=Graph.Flash.Quanta.Bmc
  1. Check if any active workflows on that node exist to make sure the workflow has completed

    GET active Workflow

    GET /api/current/nodes/<id>/workflows/active
    curl <server>/api/current/nodes/<id>/workflows/active

If a remote viewing session exists for the node, check the BMC firmware to verify the version has been updated.