6.13. Accessing RackHD APIs with Authorization

API access control is enabled when authentication is enabled. The Access Control is controlled per API and per API method. A GET on an API can have different access control than a POST on the same API.

6.13.1. Privileges

A privilege grants access to an API resource and an action to perform on that resource. For example, a ‘read’ privilege may grant GET access on a set of APIs, but may not also grant POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE access to those same APIs. To issue POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE methods to an API, a ‘write’ privilege may be required. Built-in Privileges

The following Privileges are built-in to RackHD:

Privilege Description
Read Used to specify an ability to read data from an API
Write Used to specify an ability to write data to an API
Login Used to specify an ability to login to RackHD
ConfigureUsers Used to specify an ability to configure aspects of other users
ConfigureSelf Used to specify an ability to configure aspects of the logged in user
ConfigureManager Used to specify an ability to configure Manager resources
ConfigureComponents Used to specify an ability to configure components managed by this service

6.13.2. Roles

A role grants a set of privileges. Each privilege is specified explicitly within the role. Authenticated users have a single role assigned to them. Built-in Roles

The following Roles are built-in to RackHD:

Role Description
Administrator Possess all built-in privileges
ReadOnly Possess Read, Login and ConfigureSelf privileges
Operator Possess Login, ConfigureComponents, and ConfigureSelf privileges API Commands for Roles

The following API commands can be used to view, create, modify and delete roles.

Get a list of all roles currently stored in the system

GET /api/current/roles

Get information about a specified role.

GET /api/current/roles/<name>

Create a new role and store it.

POST /api/current/roles

    "privileges": [
    "role": "<name>"

Modify the properties of a specified role.

PATCH /api/current/roles/<name>

    "privileges": [

Delete a specified role.

DELETE /api/current/roles/<name>